Texture Packs:

Texture packs are PNG files that SurvivalCraft uses to generate the look of the terrain. They can be 16*16 (default texture), 32*32, 64*64, 128*128,
256×256 and 512×512 (32-256 are considered HD textures). They can be made using basic paint programs or photoshop programs.

To download texture packs to your phone they must be dropped (as a PNG file not zipped!) into your Apps.Survivalcraft folder (view DropBox Saving for help on dropbox).
Download these textures on your phone and select them in Settings>Texture Packs.

Bugs and Notices

  • Some HD textures will cause a fail in loading your world resulting in the app crashing. When opened up again you will receive a purple screen in which you will be forced to reinstall the app. The cause is unknown but make sure to backup all your worlds to dropbox before using texture packs.

    When using a texture pack the icons in your inventory will stay unchanged. Exit the app and reopen it to fix this problem.

    Due to animation of water and lava, water and lava appear to stay the same. To fix this go to Settings>Graphics, and turn off animation. This will also increase the speed of your device.

    To download texture packs now go to this link:

    Texture pack Help:
  • Many people have had trouble with downloading and saving texture packs. Others have had problems with creating them. I will give a tutorial with the program called Corel Paint Shop Pro X2. You can download the same program for free with a 30 day trial from this link (X4 not X2) http://www.corel.com/corel/product/index.jsp?storeKey=us&pid=prod4130078&trkid=NASEMGGLDI#tab1.

To make a texture pack you must first have the default texture pack (to know where blocks go), a different texture pack (most people use minecraft), or you can make your own blocks. First i will tell you that i know very little about this program but enough to make it work.

Default Texture pack:http://dl.dropbox.com/u/67612675/Alpha%201.10%20texture%20pack.png

Summerfield texture pack (practice)Items: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/67612675/items.png(found in gui folder)Terrain: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/67612675/terrain.png(found at bottom of texture pack folder)

Now that you have these two textures open them up in Corel and also create a new image as shown:

Go to File>NewFill out the form as suchhttp://dl.dropbox.com/u/67612675/New%20Texture.PNG

It should look like this when you click OKhttp://dl.dropbox.com/u/67612675/New%20Texture.PNG

Now to make it easier for yourself go to

View>Grid>View> Change grid, snap....PropertiesFill out the form as suchhttp://dl.dropbox.com/u/67612675/New%20Texture.PNG


Notice how for the new texture form i filled out the size as 512 by 512. This is because the texture pack Summerfield is a 32*32 textue pack. Also the grids are spaced out by 32*32.

New texture for 16: Size: 256*256, Grid: 16*16New texture for 32: Size: 512*512, Grid: 32*32New texture for 64: Size: 1024*1024 Grid: 64*64 (not sure on size)

  • Once you have your New form open, Summerfield open, and the Default texture pack open, you can start dragging blocks. It is also easier to have you grid set to SNAP TO GRID so moving blocks and coping them will be easier. The easiest way to do this is to select your Selection tool. (looks like rectangle with dotted lines). Go to the summerfield form and choose the block in the top left corner. Since you have the snap to grid selected you should only need to click and drag to select the block. Copy the block and go to your blank texture form. Paste it there and move it to the top left hand corner. Simple!

Now for items you do the same thing although if you have the snap to grid function on it will not work, so you have to turn it off and try to put it in the middle exactly. OR you can change the grid functions to HALF of the amount it was already set to. If you have the snap to grid on it should put it in the middle for you.

DOWNLOADING TEXTURESThe easiest way to download textures is if they have the texture as a dropbox link already. Just click the link download it to the Survivalcraft folder and it should work. But, to be safe you should always put it in a photoshop program such as Corel (not paint!!!!) and make sure the size is correct. Also make sure the transparencies work out. If they post it as an image you have to save the photo and resize the image and make sure the transparencies work out as well. Then you can save it and download it on the phone.

If you have any more questions please message me or post a message on this topic.