A seed is a base map that can be loaded by the player upon the creation of a world. Leaving the seed box blank when starting a new world will lead the game to create a random world, but entering certain words will cause the game to generate worlds that are associated with that word.

How Seeds Work

The SurvivalCraft code traditionally generates random worlds for the player to explore. However, SurvivalCraft also contains an algorithm for recognizing character patterns placed in the "seed" box when the player creates a new world. This enables the game to more or less "store" default worlds for players to use. However, no worlds are actually included in SurvivalCraft, only keywords to activate the algorithm function. This algorithm then generates a world according to the parameters set up by the word entered into the seed box.

Effect for Users

Seeds are a fun way to share particularly interesting maps with fellow gamers. Since all copies of SurvivalCraft come with the seed feature, gamers can tell each other seed names and generate the standard maps. Players are then free to make of those maps what they will and compare them with other gamers via screen shots.