Destruction Time:
Stone Axe: 3 sec.
Hands: 6 sec.

The crafting table is a more advanced crafting block found in SurvivalCraft. They are used to create tools that require a three-by-three crafting grid. These objects include pickaxes, shovels, axes, etc. They are made by putting wooden planks in a two-by-two formation in your crafting square. When mining, it is recommended to place crafting tables and chests inside your mines to deposit your items and make new tools. Crafting tables can function like a chest, but with only a 3x3 grid. If you are very conservative on wood, you can make 2 crafting benches instead of making 1 chest, because you will get two extra item slots to hold your items at the same cost. But as a downfall, when it is being used like a chest you cannot craft anything unless its contents form one of the crafting recipes.
A Crafting Table accompanied by a Chest

Crafting a Crafting Table
Crafting a Stone Pickaxe with the table